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Unfortunately this sometimes lead to problems, like if any internal parts of the ECDIS being replaced i.e.

the graphic board or a dongle-key that belongs to the ECDIS software, the user file changes some characters.

Neither is it necessary to extract any information from the ECDIS to submit correct identity.

All the operator needs to do in order to identify the system is to read the short number that is written on the tag connected with the e-Token key.

Furthermore is information of invoice address and shipping address important.

Required chart coverage must also be stated in the order.

Contrary to file which allows its content to change, all information to provide the unique identity is in the e-Token itself, and the content of the e-Token never changes.

A unique system identity enables C-MAP to provide chart licenses and other services to systems on an individual basis.

This is necessary in order to ensure correct licenses and correct media (CD/DVD) to be sent to a system. Simply because an end-user (ship) can have several systems onboard, and each of the systems requires a unique license.

C-MAP ENC is not divided into predefined service areas like above, but sold on a cell by cell basis.

Therefore the C-MAP Chart Catalogue is available on our website.

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Next chapter indicates why it sometimes is important to know what version of the database is installed in order to create a valid license.

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