The black book of dating and pickup biblical view on dating after divorce

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He wanted to know how to make a relationship work—in his case, how to find a woman who understands what it’s like to be the first person in your family to go to college, to feel “trapped between two different worlds pulling me in different directions.” Strauss’s best-selling success with women conferred on him a sort of authority that makes men who would never identify with the therapy crowd seek him out for guidance.

The final question came from a woman who said she had never read Strauss’s books, “no offense.” But she wanted to know whether The Game could be useful for women.

And as he learned in rehab, she was the source of his problem. What I realized was that maybe I was just speaking to people with my same shit or trauma.” Strauss paused for a few moments to let that sink in, then added: “Guess what, guys? ”And Strauss was pretty sure that everyone there was fucked up in the same way.

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When a tall, long-haired Italian man stepped forward to talk about his own promiscuity, Strauss urged himself to consider that his mother—too controlling? “No,” the man insisted, “Because without your book I wouldn’t be a seducer.

So you are like my mom.”And yet Strauss doesn’t disown what he wrote in The Game.

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