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And don't neglect Michelle, your pretty roommate who seems more and more attracted to Rafael’s arrival in the team puts Ivan in the shade and it’s time for them both to choose between becoming allies or fight until one wins. Meanwhile, Suzi still doesn't seem to get whats going on around her.. You are now playing the role of a new masseur, from his job interview until his trial period: will your skills convince your colleagues?

That leaves you having to deal with both Sophia's and Katy's susceptibility...

Bur your students as always, expect a lot from you.

In this new episode of "School Girls", your very sexy boss, Anais, will make you an immodest offer!

You now have to get started on this report Amelia entrust you with. You have to make Clem and Amber friends again, convince two models to work together for your fashion shoot and check on Katy to make sure she's doing alright. play A teaser game free for all in high resolution! You often work with gorgeous models on prestigious shootings.

But you're not starting from nothing, you already have a few interview leads and Amelia is very keen on helping you along the way. One day, a publisher calls you because she thought of you for taking the lead on a very special project...

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