Homosexual web site

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Homosexual web site

Extreme viewpoints ensured a lengthy and passionate debate.The outcome would mean that gays and lesbians could be out and about, or the New Zealand family would crumble and AIDS would spread through the community.[See also Homosexuality in Early Modern Literature: A Collection of Seventeenth-Century Texts Edited by Students of the University of British Columbia – Okanagan] See also Bits & Pieces (Miscellaneous odds and ends, updated in the manner of a blog) 1624 The Trial of Richard Cornish (ship master and cabin boy in Virginia) 1631 Verses following the Trial of the Earl of         Castlehaven 1631 Trial and Execution of Broadway and         Fitz-Patrick 1641 The Life and Death of John Atherton The Bishop of Waterford, Ireland, hanged for sodomy with his tithe proctor 1698 The Trial of Capt.Edward Rigby (first victim of an ) 1698 The Women's Complaint to Venus 1700s Early Newspaper Reports 1700-1720 1700 A Flaming Whip for Lechery 1701 Passion for a Catamite 1702 Lives of the Ancient Philosophers 1703 The Shortest Way with Whores and Rogues 1703 Homosexual Dream Symbolism 1703 Thomas Baker's Tunbridge-Walks 1707 The Tryal and Conviction of Several         Reputed Sodomites 1707 Trial of Sodomites 1707 Trials of Thomas Vaughan and Thomas Davis for blackmail conspiracy 1707 Newspaper Reports for 1707 1707 Daniel Defoe, On the Public Prosecution and Punishment of Sodomites 1707 The Woman-Hater's Lamentation 1707 The He-Strumpets 1707 Bumography, or A Touch at the Lady's Tails 1708 Almonds for Parrots Satire on effeminate men/sodomites 1708 Sir Narcissus Foplin 1708 The Rival Dutchess; or, Court Incendiary The lesbian loves of Queen Anne's favourite Abigail Masham 1709 The Trial of George Skelthorpe 1709 The Dying Words of George Skelthorpe (blackmailer) 1709 A Full and True Account of a raid on a molly house 1709 The Mollies Club 1709 Venereal Disease (i.e.Timothy Raven and the Sodomitical Dr Walton; a man hangs himself after rumours spread 1754 Charge to the Grand Jury 1755 "As Common as the Night" The Life and Death of a Soldier Prostitute 1755 The Case of Catherine Vizzani A study of the lesbian body 1755 Newspaper Reports for 1755 1756 Newspaper Reports for 1756 1757 Newspaper Reports for 1757 1757 A Male Prostitute 1757 The Plague of Effeminacy 1758–60 Newspaper Reports for 1758–1760 1759 "He heard the word Buggerer" (Conspiracy to blackmail Sir Humphry Morice) 1759 A Robber Swears Sodomy against his Victim 1760 The Trial of Emanuel Rose 1760 Some Cross-Dressing Women 1760 A Female Husband Exposed 1761 The Fribbleriad by David Garrick 1761 The Trial of Thomas Andrews (for sodomitical rape) 1761 The Trial of John Lowther (A sodomite makes a pass at the wrong man) 1761 Newspaper Reports Brutal treatment in the pillory 1761 A Cruising Alley 1762 Molly Exalted (Pillory Broadside) 1762 Biography of Marc Anthony Muretus 1763 Newspaper Reports Man killed in the pillory 1763 Life and Death of an Entrapper 1764–66 Newspaper Reports 1764 by Charles Churchill 1764 Epitaph on a Notorious Sodomite 1764 Beccaria, Of Crimes and Punishments 1766 The Unnaturalists, or Deserters of the Fruit Shop 1766 Mary East, the Female Husband 1767–69 Newspaper Reports 1769 Blackstone's Commentaries Blackstone's discussion of laws against sodomy 1769 The Sodomite Snake 1769 The Boots (A silly poem) 1770s Accusations of Sodomy in the Westminster and Middlesex Quarter Sessions Rolls for the 1770s 1770–71 Newspaper Reports County court agrees to pay the cost of prosecutions.

No longer would men having consensual sex with each other be liable to prosecution and a term of imprisonment.

Sex between women was not illegal, but many lesbians suffered the same social discrimination as gay men and were staunch supporters of the reform movement.

The campaign to reform the law moved beyond the gay community to wider issues of human rights and discrimination.

There are also reflections from gay men who faced personal discrimination during the heated debate.

The Bible provides God’s blueprint for marriage and for His good gift of sex in Genesis .

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