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Four bombs hit the Arizona, last one penetrating her ammunition magazines, 500 tons of explosives.

The ship burned for two days, and 1,177 crew members were killed. We could see red and gold colored flames, and thick dark black smoke.

Now he is a millionaire and donated 10% of his earnings to the City of Hope in Duarte. Two weeks ago, while on a tour of Santa Anita race track he was out there greeting the visitors. They provide a worthwhile break from writing my next novel, Beneath the Super Moon the third in my Suzanna trilogy. Irene Blea, author of Daughters of the West Mesa,will be featured in the up-coming A & E docuseries on unsolvedserial killings in the U. This latest novel is based on the true story of the discovery of 11 female remains of women of color and an unborn fetus west of Albuquerque. Wanda, Hope you don't mind me call you by your first name. So please excuse me but now that I'm knotting the latter part of the seventies. Our history is buried in allot of old cemeteries and we need to dig them up because it is our history. 7, 1941, was an act of duplicity so monstrous that President Franklin D.

We have the stories that our parents left us but we rarely speak of them. Roosevelt called it a date which will live in infamy. The sneak attack killed more than 2,400 Americans and forced the reluctant nation into the caldron of World War II.

They were overconfident, not complacent, too quick to dismiss Japans military as second-rate and blind to the threat of modern aircraft armed with torpedoes. And Kimmel could not conceive of a Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor.

His fleet couldnt sail all the way to Japan in secret, launch a major attack and get away.

I was an eight year old and have many memories of World War II. The country was numb, unable to accept the fact that our nation had been invaded. One memory warned of the possibility of invasion of the continent. We could also hear a string of explosive booming sounds.

In early 1942, I remember standing on the front lawn of our East L. I remember my Dad solemnly explaining it was the Japanese attacking Santa Barbara with submarines.

Sixty years later, on September 11, our country was again attacked on our soil. Edging in for a better view, I saw flames, and realized the horror. I don't know how long I sat there, with my eyes open, not reacting, not seeing what action to take, my mind was suspended.

Thank you for this wonderful story of a family like the Lozano's. Japanese warplanes appeared without warning early that Sunday, sinking or disabling 16 U. As Hollywood regularly reminds us, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Dec.

7, 1941, was an act of duplicity so monstrous that President Franklin D. Nine official inquiries during and after the war sought answers, and historians, survivors and conspiracy theorists have weighed in ever since. Its not revisionist history so much as a poignant retelling of a familiar story: gross negligence by Navy and Army commanders in Hawaii, multiple miscommunications from top officials in Washington, and agonizing failures of American leadership and imagination.

Very soon after the shelling of the Santa Barbara coast, Dad moved us forty miles inland into a rented house.

Very little is included in most US History books about the attacks by the Japanese on California. Thanks to the internet, I was able to very easily find the information.

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Thus neither was prepared when 350 Japanese planes roared out of the rising sun, carrying out a mission that neither thought was possible.

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