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Define antedating

To date a document to a time before it was actually written or signed.

In patent law, a strategy of some limited protection involves preparing an affidavit on an early date in an effort to antedate the application of any interfering application for a patent on the same subject matter.

Providing the submission does not duplicate evidence already held in-house, it is filed electronically.

The data is therefore available to Dictionary editors when they come to draft or revise the relevant entry.

New information on how words came into the English language from scholars working in this area is welcomed.

Also, every entry in the Dictionary includes supporting quotations which build up a picture of a word’s use, ranging from the earliest known example to one illustrating recent usage, and including intermediate quotations throughout the centuries.

New senses or usages of an existing word, an unusual spelling, or evidence of a different pronunciation are all welcomed.

One of the principal tasks in revising the is describing the history of each word.

In the 1970s, Libet was involved in research into neural activity and sensation thresholds.Editors are looking in particular for earlier ( are generated by a web-based form (see below).When you press the submit button a message appears on-screen confirming that the data has been captured successfully, which means that your evidence has reached the .Oxford leads the field in recording the entry of today’s new words into the language.We use printed evidence of new words from magazines, newspapers, books, song lyrics, practical manuals – indeed from any published source. A ‘new word from the past’ may sound like a contradiction, but Dictionary editors are particularly keen to receive information about words from earlier centuries that have so far escaped inclusion: for example, words from books or manuals from previous centuries on any profession, trade, craft, or hobby with a specialized vocabulary, from building techniques to pigeon-fancying.

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the French Revolution, Neier invokes the English historian Christopher Hill to trace a direct line between the pioneering efforts of the famous Diggers and Levellers of seventeenth-century England and his own strenuous activities centuries later.

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