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A year later, the Paradise Papers have been revealed to the world.

Vine's tax avoidance predictions continue to come true and the Divine Feminine Energy continues to be an influence in 2017.

What's the difference between real psychic predictions and celebrity entertainment sensationalist predictions?

Vine's two psychic prediction articles will help you identify which predictions are real and which ones are generated for SEO keywords.

Vine breaks down the prophecy and shares the clairvoyant visions and clairaudient channeling.

Why are Wall Street stockmarket and shareholders under the karmic radar?

In 2016 as the Panama Papers were being revealed and reported around the world, the Paradise Paper leaks had been sent to German Newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung.Vine also clairaudiently heard a large energetic boom.Early in the new year the ice did cut to the core when freezing cold Arctic weather followed by an extreme Arctic bomb storm hit the U.Read Vine's 2017 Channeling from Spirit here: Vine's 2017 Psychic Prediction, putting the pieces of the puzzle together: 2016 - Divine Feminine, Spiritual Channeling Psychic Prediction Message from Vine about the Divine Feminine Energy that emerged in 2016 and is still working it's magic into 2018 2015 - Channeling from Vine's Spiritual Guardians Our Spiritual Karmic Report Card so far - 2015 2014 - Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth Spiritual channeling from the Higher Realms for 2014 2013 - The Universal Energy Codes Vine's Environmental Prophecy for 2013 LATEST: First Predicted 1st Jan 2018 by VINE In Vine's psychic prediction channeling for 2018, her Spiritual Guardians foretold physical phenomena that would herald their predictions for the year...They prophesied that ice would cut to the core and a roar would release a boom.

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Then refer to any comments below the predictions, which give updated information referring to news reports verifying the dates the predicted events came true.