Bf still on dating site sex dating in wortham texas

Posted by / 19-Jan-2017 07:08

I cannot admit to snooping in his computer to find evidence of this but now that I know (and on this particular site you can see that he is logging in almost daily) do you think it's just to get his jollies online or does it sound like I have to worry about him leaving or cheating.What's the best thing to do since I can't admit to the way I found out. I should be more important then someone he talks to on POF as a friend. Keep checking up on him with your "friends account" or your bogus (current? Come back every few days and give us updates, many Forumites live vicariously through the common melodramas that neophytes come up with weekly.. Why does everyone make up a story about how they happened upon their lover on a dating site still looking? There are a lot of things you do not know about them.Is it possible that his profile still appears after deleting the app?

Should have set up a meet and greet, and then you got your 100% answer.

BUT, if he told you he is no longer on the site and you caught him in a "lie"...will lie about other things too. Why in the world do people delete their profiles anyways?

I just don't understand why you just don't log on them instead.

That doesn't mean he didn't open a new POF - he stayed on his other singles site. So how do I get him to change his behavior to that which will guarantee that he will keep doing it.

And if you are a snoop, own up to it, lots of people are, there's no rule that you have to follow the rules of others, tell the guy right up front, I will be checking on you so don't play games with me. Or is the question more of "I'm really attracted to him and still want him to stick around and give me what I want.

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