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Bandmates dating sites

It put me on this trajectory, and I love it." (To be sure, the Los Angeles native has not given up his penchant for motorcycles, nor has his romantic life taken a hit; Levine, who keeps a yoga instructor on his payroll and shares a Hollywood Hills bachelor pad with an old pal, is dating Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo.) STORY: Five of Maroon 5's Music Milestones It was two years ago that Levine's childhood friend-turned-longtime manager Jordan Feldstein, brother of actor Jonah Hill (né Feldstein), reached out to NBC about its new singing show, but at the time Levine required convincing."I scoffed at it initially," he admits, acknowledging that his bandmates similarly were skeptical."Between and Maroon 5 breaking through to a million-dollar-plus-a-night attraction, plus all of his other activities -- writing, producing and more -- he's a big industry." Following Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, Levine has become perhaps the most successful example of the new business model for musicians in an age of declining record sales.By taking a chance on a singing show his rocker brethren might find beneath them, he has been able to showcase his likable personality on a twice-weekly platform that has allowed him to launch a multimillion-dollar business -- lifting his band to new heights in the process."Honestly," explains Levine, "the risk/reward situation was such that we thought it would be better for me to try doing it because the band was, I wouldn't say faltering, but not doing as well at that point as we had wanted to be doing." NBC president of alternative and late-night Paul Telegdy recalls being particularly impressed by Levine during a late-2010 performance on .During the breaks, the exec watched from the studio audience as Levine charmed the crowd with song requests.

At press time, he also was negotiating a first-look overall deal at NBC to serve as a producer on future TV projects."I thought it was important for them to go out socially, and I didn't want producers there," he says."Can you think of a crazier idea than giving four music stars your credit card and drivers and sending them out to the Soho House?(Levine's TV tastes skew more had done -- changed Levine's mind.Making the opportunity more appealing were the caliber of the coaches ("When Cee Lo decided to sign on, that was when we were all like, ' OK, this makes sense,' " says Feldstein), the examples of crossover success with suggested it wasn't "half as fun as it should be" -- and subpar sales.

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The genre of reality television had been a massive turnoff.