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He then served as a military tribune, first with the Legio II Adiutrix in 95, then with the Legio V Macedonica.During Hadrian's second stint as tribune, the frail and aged reigning emperor Nerva adopted Trajan as his heir; Hadrian was dispatched to give Trajan the news— or most probably was one of many emissaries charged with this same commission.Rome's military and Senate approved Hadrian's succession, but soon after, four leading senators who had opposed Hadrian, or seemed to threaten his position, were unlawfully put to death; the senate held Hadrian responsible for this, and never forgave him.He earned further disapproval among the elite by abandoning Trajan's expansionist policies and recent territorial gains in Mesopotamia, Assyria and Armenia, and parts of Dacia.

In his role as imperial ghostwriter, Hadrian took the place of the recently deceased Licinius Sura, Trajan's all-powerful friend and kingmaker.

His intense relationship with the Greek youth Antinous, and the latter's untimely death, led to Hadrian's establishment of an enduring and widespread popular cult.

Hadrian's last years were marred by chronic illness.

His marriage to Vibia Sabina had been unhappy, and childless; in 138 he adopted Antoninus Pius and nominated him as a successor, on the condition that Antoninus adopt Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus as his own heirs.

Hadrian died the same year at Baiae, and Antoninus had him deified, despite opposition from the Senate.

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In Egypt, he may have rebuilt the Serapeum of Alexandria.

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