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It is the matter of choice, which navigation style to use, but for me, is great when project is familiar, because you can find what you need with several keystrokes.But when you don't know the structure of the project, nerdtree is indispensable.Also, there is alternative to yapf - tell-k/vim-autopep8.It binds to by default and fixes pep8 violations in current file. Syntastic is the framework to check the code against external validators and display errors.

In most cases, it does a good job, but there are some tasks, that are too difficult for yapf, for example formatting deeply nested structures.It provides some neat features like autocomplete, code navigation and documentation and works under virtualenv out of the box.This plugin provides enhanced highlighting feature compared to standard ones.Plugins are usually quite configurable, and vim API is open for you to enhance your workflow even more. On the other hand, Vim is just a tool, though handy and extensible. There is an article on vim position in the world worthy of consideration - VIM: 8 Takeaways From One Year Of Typing.I recommend you to stick with neovim, it is "literally the future of vim". The most notable IDE for professional Python development is Py Charm.

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There's also Sublime Text, which also has great support for python.