7 simple rules for dating

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7 simple rules for dating

That won’t stop him from wanting to climb you like a tree, no matter where you are .

“Just a -”Vivid memories of men in hazard suits crashing into the lab quickly turned fuzzy as Tony rubbed up against him- Bucky giving in as Tony wrapped his legs high around Bucky’s waist.Flames shot up in the background as the blowtorch ignited the spill on the ground.Bucky grabbed his boyfriend, tackling him to the ground behind the counter as the flames flashed.For all of Tony’s surprising and meticulous requirements to follow lab rules and regulations, Tony had no qualms about trying to get Bucky’s clothes off whenever he could.Kissing Tony was like breathing; necessary and something that Bucky could no longer live without.

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The sprinklers turned on, water quickly filling the air as the alarm blared.